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FTIR meets QCL: HYPERION II IR Microscope

The HYPERION II is Bruker's versatile FT-IR microscope for research and development with flexible accessories and the possibility to combine Infrared Laser Imaging (QCL) and FT-IR in one instrument. Hardly any of our IR microscopes embody our users like the HYPERION II. It is flexible, precise, adaptable, and always at the limit of what is possible.

QCL and FT-IR in a single instrument

For the first time, users can access an IR microscope that combines FT-IR and QCL technology in one instrument. With this, we are opening a completely new door to life science and material research. Collect an FT-IR spectrum, select the wavelengths you want to investigate using QCL and create stunning chemical images in a matter of seconds. With this completely new approach of FT-IR and infrared laser imaging, we finally give users, researchers, and scientists a tool to develop new applications, but also to improve established and proven approaches.

HYPERION II features:

  • Huge detector selection: broad/mid/narrow-band LN2-MCTs, cryogen-free MCT, NIR
  • Focal-plane array detector for infrared imaging (64 x 64 or 128 x 128 pixel).
  • Optional QCL implementation by Infrared Laser Imaging Module (ILIM, laser class 1)
  • Objective lens selection: 3.5x/15x/36x IR, 20x ATR, 15x GIR, 4x/40x VIS.
  • Spectral range extension – from Near-Infrared (NIR) to Far-Infrared (FIR)
  • Manual/automated knife-edge aperturees, aperture wheel, metal apertures for NIR
  • Flexible accessories: macro ATR imaging , cooling/heating stage, sample compartment, etc.
  • visual/optical tools: darkfield & fluorescence illumination, VIS & IR polarizers, etc.
  • Emission spectroscopy capability and optional spectral range extensions.

HYPERION II provides:

  • Perfect match of spectral and visual images. Applies to all measurement modes (incl. ATR)
  • Diffraction limited, high-sensitivity FT-IR microscopy and imaging by using FPA detector
  • Combination of FT-IR and QCL technology by IR Laser Imaging Module (ILIM, laser class 1)
  • Infrared laser imaging in all measurement modes (ATR, Transmission, Reflectance)
  • Patented coherence reduction for Laser Imaging without sensitivity loss, speed loss, or artefacts
  • High-speed IR laser imaging: 6.4 mm2 per second (ILIM, QCL, single wavelength)
  • High-speed FT-IR imaging: 0.1 mm2 per second (FPA, FT-IR, full spectrum)

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