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FT-IR Spectrometer - IFS 125 from Bruker Optics

The IFS 125/HR and the new IFS 125/M mobile spectrometers are excellent instruments for high-resolution spectroscopy.

Salient Features

In emission mode, the IFS 125/HR can solve highly complex spectra into discrete lines for direct spectral assignment and recognition.

The salient features of the IFS 125/HR are:

  • Excellent resolution across the entire spectrum.
  • Resolved line widths of less than 0.0009 cm-1.
  • Broad spectral range from 5 cm-1 in the far-IR to less than 50,000 cm-1 in the UV.
  • Double-sided interferogram acquisition (optional).
  • Symmetric line shapes ensured by high precision optics
  • Convenient range change, since different sources and detectors can be accessed without breaking vacuum.
  • A total of 6 detectors and 4 sources can be accessed through each of two different sample compartments.
  • Glide-bearing interferometer with hybrid scanner construction for improved velocity stability.

The new IFS 125/M is the mobile version of the well-established IFS 125/HR spectrometer and provides the highest resolution available for a commercial mobile FT-IR spectrometer. The standard resolution is 0.008 cm-1, with the option of 0.0035 cm-1. The mobile IFS 125/M enables fast and frequent gas phase absorption studies applicable to atmospheric research.

Electronics for Better Data Acquisition

Similar to the proven laboratory model IFS 125/HR, the new IFS 125/M electronics offers Ethernet connectivity and data acquisition based on the DigitectTM system using 24-bit ADC's integrated with the detector. The standard MIR spectral range can be conveniently extended to the NIR, visible, or even UV.

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