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SENTERRA II Compact Raman Microscope from Bruker

The SENTERRA II microscope from Bruker Optics defines a new level of spectroscopic performance and user friendliness in the class of compact Raman microscopes.

SENTERRA II is designed to provide excellent sensitivity combined with high imaging and spectral performance. So, it is a powerful platform suitable for advanced research applications. The compact size, high degree of automation, and efficient workflow make the SENTERRA II microscope an ideal device for solving real-world tasks in the quality control laboratory.

The unprecedented permanent stability of the wavenumber axis ensures accurate and precise results every time. SENTERRA II is the perfect Raman microscope for both the lab working at the forefront of scientific research, and the multi-user environment with high daily throughput.

SENTERRA II Highlights

  • Simple Raman imaging
  • Compact design with spectrometer incorporated in the microscope
  • Research-grade spectroscopic performance
  • Unprecedented wavenumber accuracy and precision by SureCAL™
  • Intuitive and convenient workflow due to automated hardware and software guidance
  • Multi laser excitation with fast switching capabilities
  • Combined with FT-Raman technology for minimized fluorescence
  • Complete spectral range with all gratings
  • Fully compliant with GMP/cGMP, GLP and 21 CFRp11
  • Fully automatic instrument tests in compliance with USP 1120, PhEur 2.2.48, ASTM E1840 and E2529-06
  • Open architecture version for the study of huge samples (e.g. in art) with high lateral resolution

Technologies used in the SENTERRA II microscope are protected by one or more of the following patents: US 7102746; US 6141095

Learn more about the SENTERRA II - The Next Level of Compact Raman Microscopy

Technical Details

Superior Performance provided with Ease

Research-grade Spectroscopic Performance

The SENTERRA II delivers exceptional detection sensitivity as well as high spectral resolution without compromising confocality.

For most applications, no more than the standard grating is needed: The full Raman spectrum is covered in a single scan at 4 cm-1 resolution. For demanding studies, like isotope splitting or polymorphism, a high resolution grating can be set with a mouse click.

Intuitive and Save Operation

SENTERRA II is a more intuitive and comfortable to use system for the regular user and the expert. Both the software and hardware are tightly interlinked.

While the user is guided by the software through the Raman microanalytical workflow, all relevant hardware changes are performed automatically.

Unmatched Wavenumber Precision and Accuracy

An accurate calibration of the wavelength axis is necessary for precise results. The unique SureCAL™ technology from Bruker ensures a permanent and automatic calibration of the wavelength axis at any time without the requirement of any user action.

Assured Reliability

While working with SENTERRA II, users can be sure that they will get reliable results at any time. With the fully automated instrument test routines, the performance verification is applied without losing valuable analysis time. The permanent and automated calibration of the wavelength axis guarantees spectral precision and accuracy during the actual analysis.

Raman Imaging with Convenience

SENTERRA II offers powerful confocal Raman imaging and mapping functionality, which can be applied easily without time-consuming alignment of parameters. The combination of a high precision mapping stage and efficient data acquisition result in submicron spatial resolution as well as fast generation of Raman images. Even high resolution Raman images can be collected within seconds.

Overcome Fluorescence

The selection of the appropriate laser excitation line is very important for obtaining meaningful Raman spectra without disturbing background fluorescence. The combination of the SENTERRA II with FT-Raman technology adds a 4th exciation line in the near infrared at 1064 nm, which reduces the occurrence of unwanted fluorescence to a minimum. RamanScope III is available as a straight FT-Raman microscope.


Efficiently Solving Analytical Tasks

SENTERRA II allows measuring Raman images and combines the obtained spatially resolved molecular data with high-quality microscopic images of the sample. The analysis is carried out contactless and without the need of sample preparation.

Chemical images of the sample surface are achieved with a very high spatial resolution, down to less than a micron. Additionally, depth profiling of optically transparent samples enables non-destructive sample analysis in the third dimension. SENTERRA II is used for the detection, identification and discrimination of organic and inorganic materials, as it is suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Visualization of the distribution of API and excipients in tablets
  • Differentiation of polymorphs
  • Failure analysis: Identification of particles & inclusions


  • Analysis of multilayer systems
  • Determination of monomer content, fillers, additives
  • Identification of pure polymers and blends
  • Characterization of polymers: crystallinity, density, conformation
  • Failure analysis: identification of impurities and inclusions

Coatings and Interfaces

  • Study of the composition and homogeneity

Materials Science

  • Characterization of novel 2D materials & carbon nanotube
  • Differentiation of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon


  • Analysis of counterfeit documents, pharmaceuticals and money
  • Proof of the authenticity of works of art
  • Illicit drug analysis
  • Identification of trace evidence from crime scenes such as fibers, particles, paint chips, etc.

Art and Cultural Heritage

  • Discrimination of genuine and fake artifacts
  • Identification of materials used for art objects
  • Study of preservation, degradation and aging of objects of art

Life Science

  • Study of the molecular composition of cells and tissue

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