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MultiRAM Stand Alone FT-Raman Spectrometer from Bruker Optics

The intuitive, easy-to-use OPUS software controls all data collection and manipulation functions for the MultiRAM. The real-time spectrum display permits software control of the analysis conditions, including optimization of the laser power and the sample position.

High Performance

Combine advanced digital electronics with Bruker Optics’ high quality optics and you have the ultimate in a high performance FT-Raman system. The heart of the MultiRAM is Bruker Optics’ patented interferometer with gold coated optics and permanent RockSolid alignment, which provides the superb stability and throughput required for demanding emission experiments.

Sampling Flexibility

For ultimate flexibility, the MultiRAM can accommodate a second laser and detection system, automated polarization accessory, and two-fiber optic coupling ports. Other features include easy switch between 90° and 180° scattering geometry, and defocusing optics (necessary for colored samples which can heat by the laser beam). A motorized sample stage for sample position optimization, and a white light source to correct the spectra for instrument responses are included in the standard configuration of the MultiRAM. Additional sampling accessories, such as automatic sample changers, low and high temperature stages are optional. The FT-Raman microscope RamanScope expands FT-Raman spectroscopy to samples in the µm size range.

Sensitivity and Stability

The MultiRAM configuration provides a spectral range of 3600 – 50 cm-1 (Stokes shift).Equipped with a broad-range quartz beamsplitter, Bruker Optics‘ patented and frictionless RockSolid interferometer provides high sensitivity and stability. The standard diode-pumped, air-cooled Nd:YAG laser source (1064 nm) is fully software controlled. The system can be equipped with either or both room-temperature InGaAs detector and a proprietary high-sensitivity Ge diode detector. High throughput optics and Bruker Optics’ unique liquid nitrogen cooled Germanium detector offers ultra-low signal detection with minimal noise assuring excellent sensitivity. The long hold time of the refrigerant provides hassle free operation for an entire week.

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