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Bruker Optics MATRIX-F II FT-NIR Spectrometer

The MATRIX-F II is the complete solution for all your process FT-NIR needs, from Raw Material Identification to Quality Control of your finished products. Utilizing the built-in and external multiplexer options up to 48 reactions can be monitored by a single instrument. A wide range of probe adaptations are available for determining analytic concentrations in liquid and emulsions in addition to powders and pellets.

The MATRIX-F II is also at home in the laboratory. It can be used as a standalone system for method development and then move directly into your process application. The MATRIX-F II and its peripherals are individually enclosed modules designed to easily fit into standard 19 inch racks and enclosures. This allows you to completely customize your process control system, as the modules can be used as standalone units or mounted within a single enclosure.

The MATRIX-F II was designed for reliability and easy maintenance. Individual consumable components are on pre-aligned mounts and can be quickly exchanged by the user without any realignment of the optics. Furthermore, all consumable items and electronics are located in separate compartments, and therefore can be exchanged without disturbing the sealed, desiccated optics area. On-line diagnostics monitor the performance of the electronics and consumable items and advise the user of a failing component. Instrument performance is validated with the click of a button using Bruker Optics' Instrument Test Software in conjunction with the built-in Internal Validation Unit, assuring proper operation of the entire system. All of this means the instrument can be serviced quickly and be back in operation in record time, for minimal disruption of the manufacturing process.

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