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FT-IR Spectrometer - MATRIX MF from Bruker Optics

The MATRIX-MF is a new addition to the established MATRIX series product line which exploits the information-rich mid-IR spectral region both for research and process applications. The MATRIX-MF is a process-ready FT-IR spectrometer suitable for real-time analysis and monitoring of biological and chemical reactions. The MATRIX series award winning design offers protection to the optics in a dedicated sealed compartment. The permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer and Digitect detector electronics help achieving high quality spectra, even in the most challenging environments. Although specifically developed for a process environment, the instrument is as well ideal for laboratory-based applications due to an extremely compact design.

Fiber Optic Probes

The integration of the attenuated total refection (ATR) sampling technique and the light guiding fiber optics is extremely advantageous for infrared spectroscopy. Fiber optic probes allow in-situ measurements and help utilizing at maximum the benefits of the information-rich mid-IR spectroscopy. A broad range of probe adaptations, including the new patented IN350T diamond ATR probe, can be fitted to the unit for in-situ analysis. The patented IN350-T integrates a two-reflection diamond ATR probe head with the superior performances of MIR-silver halide fibers.

Bruker Quick Connect

The MATRIX-MF offers Bruker proprietary quick connector design (BQC), enabling easy and repeatable optic probe exchange and providing consistent results. With the help of the automated built-in multiplexer, a single instrument can monitor up to 6 reactions. The MATRIX-MF can be conveniently and independently used in the laboratory. Its compact design enables it to fit into standard 19-inch racks in process enclosures. The system can be controlled by a wide range of industry standard communication protocols (e.g. Modbus, OPC, ProfibusDP, etc.) and interfaces, allowing the simple and full integration with other process systems.

Maintenance and Validation

A series of performance tests are available using the OPUS Validation Program (OVP) with the built-in automated filter wheel. The hardware performance and the consumables are regulated to determine the operation within the desired specifications. The MATRIX series has been developed for consistency and easy maintenance. Individual consumable components are on pre-aligned mounts and can be rapidly exchanged by the user without requiring any realignment of the optics.

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