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MPA II Multi-Purpose FT-NIR from Bruker

Selecting the ideal sampling technique is critical when solving a particular analysis task. Bruker’s MPA II offers users a comprehensive solution for daily QA/QC work, as well as for sophisticated method development studies.

At the start, it is often not clear which sampling method is ideal. With the MPA II, just run through several methods and choose the most suitable option.

The possibilities are never-ending, and because of the modular design of the MPA II, the instrument can easily be altered to the user’s needs. The sturdiness of the instrument allows it to be used in the laboratory as well as the factory floor. It can even be positioned on a utility cart for mobile applications.

Sample Compartment

A Sample Compartment with optional sample heater and automated background capability, allows easy measurements of liquids in disposable vials or cuvettes without the necessity to open drawers.

Integrating Sphere

An Integrating Sphere is provided for measuring solids and semi-solids in diffuse reflection. An optional sample rotator guarantees a high reproducibility for heterogeneous samples.

Fiber Optic Probes

Fiber Optic Probes for measuring samples directly in containers, for example, in the warehouse. Up to two different probes can be linked for liquids and solids.

External Transmission

The Transmission Unit with optional sample wheel, for instance, for automated analysis of vials or solid samples such as tablets in transmission.

Easy Operation

Personalized workspaces as well as easy measurement modes, which guide users through the setup of analytical techniques, are typical in the OPUS spectroscopy software. Measurements can be started at the touch of a button or with a mouse click.

The smart display notifies the user about the instrument status and the measurement. These factors make the operation of the instrument and the software very easy that even inexperienced personnel can work the MPA II spectrometer from day one.

User-friendly Software

The OPUS is an easy-to-use, but robust, all-in-one spectroscopy software. It includes a complete collection of data acquisition, processing, and evaluation functions and can be totally configured to meet the user’s needs. With comprehensive user settings and management features, the access rights in OPUS are fully customizable.

Extra OPUS packages for regular measurements and evaluations can be integrated as required:

The OPUS/LAB is an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface for conducting regular analysis operations. The software guides the user through the workflow from the measurement to the assessment result and report.

The OPUS/IDENT provides reliable identification of all raw materials with one hierarchical library. Method setup including internal validation, statistical evaluation, and use of the identification library, can be performed in few easy steps.

The OPUS/CONFO establishes the conformity of a particular material by looking at the spectral difference between diverse lots of materials which have been proven satisfactory for the manufacturing process and an unidentified sample at each spectral data point.

The OPUS/QUANT2 software for multivariate calibration and validation is based on the common algorithm Partial Least Squares (PLS). The arrangement includes many beneficial plots, statistics and tools making the method development less time consuming and an automated optimization tool to locate the parameters for the potentially best model.

The Multi Evaluation functionality in the OPUS software allows the combination of a range of evaluation functions as well as the calculation of formulae using OPUS/QUANT2 predictions.

All approaches formulated on the MPA are completely reproducible and transferable to other comparably built Bruker Optics spectrometers - even for online applications - because of the excellent mechanical precision and exceptional stability of Bruker instruments.

The ONET software is a web-based application to setup, administrate, and control a web of FT-NIR instruments from anyplace in the world. All data measured locally on the spectrometers are assembled and centrally stored.

MPA II Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer

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