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FT-IR Imaging and Microscopy: LUMOS II

In FT-IR microscopy, Bruker’s LUMOS II provides excellent spectral and visual data quality, together with complete automation of all measurement modes: ATR, transmission, and reflection. For both novice and expert FT-IR users, LUMOS II is the ideal infrared microscopy solution.

Using the special Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector technology from Bruker, users can experience detailed imaging at the highest speed. Thus, users can take complete advantage of the enormous possibilities that FT-IR microscopy has to offer.

With the OPUS IR software, users can be assessed at any time and can move effortlessly through analysis, measurement and reporting.


  • TE-MCT requires no liquid nitrogen for measurements ≥ 10 µm
  • Up to three detector positions (e.g. TE-MCT + LN-MCT + FPA)
  • FT-IR imaging at exceptional speed by FPA technology
  • More than 1000 spatially resolved IR spectra in a single scan
  • Completely automated FT-IR microscope
  • Built-in piezo-controlled ATR crystal
  • Samples with a height of up to 40 mm can be analyzed
  • Automated transmission, reflection and ATR measurements
  • Evaluation and measurement are software-supported
  • Excellent spatial resolution and high-quality spectral data


FT-IR Microscopy and Imaging reimagined – This is the LUMOS II


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