Bruker Optics: EM27 Open Path Spectrometer

The Open Path Gas Analyzer EM27 is a broadband infrared detection system for remote sensing of hazardous atmospheric compounds. The system performance allows real-time field screening analysis (analysis less than 1 s). The lightweight system includes an infrared radiation analyzer based on the proven Bruker RockSolid™ interferometer. An internal calibration source provides self-test and self-calibration for radiometric measurements. Due to the novel design of the sensor module, the system is resistant to mechanical shocks, vibrations and temperature extremes. It is hardened for field operations in harsh environments.

The Bruker EM27 Features

  • Easy handling
  • Robust and compact design
  • Low weight
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Fast measurement and analysis time

In order to cover a large range of field application purposes, EM27 has two different system configurations with different sensitivities: Passive mode uses the natural infrared radiation signatures of chemical agents. Active mode detection uses the transmitted light from an active infrared source.

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