The ZMI Series from ZYGO for OEM Applications

ZYGO, a leading company in technology and application support in heterodyne displacement interferometry, offers complete solutions and support for OEM metrology application with its ZMI™ Series Displacement Measuring Interferometers. The OEM products and technologies from ZYGO have been field proven for several years of use in leading-edge production facilities.

Key Features

The main features of the ZMI™ series include:

  • Highly robust for OEM applications
  • Heterodyne displacement interferometry
  • Highly stable, easy to align, and insensitive to signal amplitude changes
  • A single laser source capable of supporting multiple axes
  • High signal to noise phase measurements enable high precision and remove false counts, even at zero slew rates

Typical Applications

Following are the typical applications of the ZMI™ series:

  • Metrology tools: Mask, wafer, and LCD measurement and inspection tools, and CD-SEMs
  • Lithography tools: e-beam and laser mask writers, scanners and optical steppers
  • Calibration: Measurement and calibration of high frequency or high resolution mechanical motions
  • Process equipment: die bonders, drilling tools, memory repair tools, and probers

Configure the system to suit specific requirements:

ZYGO offers a wide range of

  • Feedthroughs and cables
  • Measurement electronics
  • Optics and interferometers
  • Laser heads

This modular approach allows the user to configure a system that perfectly suits their needs by selecting the most suitable components.

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