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Precise Aspheric Metrology with the Verifire™ Asphere+

Aspheric optics facilitate considerable advantages in designing and implementing imaging, sensing, and laser systems utilized in industries from defense and aerospace semiconductor exposure and inspection systems, and medical imaging systems.

Production of aspheres that assist such applications relies on precision metrology. After all, when it comes to aspheric optics, it is not possible for users to make what they cannot measure.

The Verifire Asphere+ (VFA+) leverages the advantages of Fizeau interferometry to offer a unique combination of accurate, high-resolution, quick, and complete aperture metrology for axisymmetric aspheres.

The VFA+ offers an adaptable metrology platform to quantify a range of axisymmetric aspheres with a change of the transmission sphere. The VFA+ is fitted with an optional secondary stage which assists a computer-generated hologram (CGH), extending the asphere shape capability to nonsymmetric freeforms and off-axis aspheric optics.

With a vision of improving the user experience, users can easily set up new measurements, navigate measurement data and results, and diagnose production issues. Mx Software allows effective R&D and prototyping phases and enhances production applications with a one-click setup, alignment, and measurement abilities.

Introduction to VFA+

Video Credit: Zygo Corporation

Other features of the VFA+:

  • Adaptable to the multi-part automated measurement of trays of optics
  • Use as a “normal” Fizeau interferometer with an extreme-precision radius of curvature rail
  • Affordable asphere metrology solution that is future-compatible—upgrade present VFA systems to VFA+

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