Zygo's LivePhase – Real-Time Optical Alignment System

LivePhase is a real-time optical alignment system from Zygo. LivePhase acquisition provides Zernike feedback and real-time phase (with optional fringe overlay) for active monitoring of toleranced or targeted adjustments in order to bring an optical system into specification. This functionality is the basis for movie mode.

The movie mode integrates many different dynamic images into a movie clip, which is a record of changes undergoing by an optic or system over time. In the following video demonstration, an optical system is efficiently brought into specification by fine-tuning tilt and de-center of a pair of lens in order to minimize astigmatism in the transmitted wavefront.

LivePhase is one of the key features of DynaFiz dynamic laser interferometer, an advanced optical system offered by Zygo for carrying out high precision metrology of optics under extreme vibrations and air turbulence.

DynaFiz Dynamic Laser Interferometer

The combination of high-light-efficiency optical system, high power, longevity, and HeNe laser source makes the DynaFiz dynamic laser interferometer to perform operation at high camera shutter speeds, which freeze vibration. This dynamic capability makes the optical equipment to provide reliable metrology in situations that are considered as extremely aggressive for conventional temporal phase shifting methods.

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