Design and Production of Custom Electro-Optics Components and Systems by ZYGO

ZYGO’s Electro-Optics Group has the capability to design and fabricate complex electro-optical products and assemblies utilized in the industrial, semiconductor, defense, life sciences markets. The group runs a Tier 1 optical assembly facility measuring 45,000 sq. ft. in Tucson, Arizona. The facility includes in-line production optical compensation, class 100 clean room capabilities, and Design for Manufacture and Assembly engineering services. Moreover, it is ITAR registered, FDA registered, and ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485-2003 certified, making it a suitable site for manufacturing high precision systems.

The Electro-Optics Group runs a design and prototyping center in Costa Mesa, California, which is closely integrated with the group’s high precision Optical Components Group in Middlefield, Connecticut and its assembly center in Tucson, Arizona. Many different engineering and program management services are offered by this design and prototyping center to meet the product development challenges posed by industrial, semiconductor, defense, and life science markets.

The Electro-Optics Group works with its clients at all stages of the product development cycle, right from concept to prototype, to large-scale production, so as to optimize specific design for cost and performance. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a start-up firm, Zygo is well positioned to meet the requirements for Tier 1 optical system design and assembly products.


The following services are provided by the Electro-Optics Group:

  • Turnkey system manufacturing
  • Opto-mechanical assembly
  • Electro-optical assembly
  • Engineering and product development
OEM medical device assembly--3D dental imaging example

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