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WGF™ Polarizing Beam Splitter (PBS): The World’s First Film-Based Wire Grid Polarizer by Asahi Kasei

Asahi Kasei's WGFTM Polarizing Beam Splitter (PBS) has been created with WGFTM - the first film-based wire grid polarizer in the world. WGFTM displays a high polarization separation performance in an extensive range of wavelengths, not only VIS but IR or longer.

Its features include stability of the optical performance even at a wide angle of incidence (AOI), and this PBS has been commercially available since AR glasses was launched. Also, it is beneficial for telecentric optical systems, coaxial epi-illumination-optical systems or examining devices utilizing the same PBS.

WGFTM is film base, and hence PBS can be manufactured by sandwiching WGFTM between two prisms. It is also possible for users to freely select glass materials that have a specific refractive index or size. For instance, the company can offer users PBS measuring around 50 mm.

  • Extinction Ratio: 180 : 1, Average of 450~650 nm AOI 45±18 deg
  • Size: Approximately 5~50 mm or more
  • Construction: Cube (basically)
  • Clear Aperture: Efficient in all areas except for 1.0 mm from the edges
  • AR Coating: Available on four surfaces

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