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WGF™ Film-Based Wire Grid Polarizer

WGF from Asahi Kasei is the very first film-based wire grid polarizer. Its Aluminum wire grid structure provides excellent polarization separation across a wide range of wavelengths, including visible (VIS), infrared (IR) and longer wavelengths. In comparison to absorptive polarizers, it also has excellent heat resistance.

Asahi Kasei’s Original Technology

  • 100 nm pitch Nano-scale wire grid structure
  • Continuous roll to roll nano-imprinting process

100 nm pitch Aluminum wire grid.

100 nm pitch Aluminum wire grid. Image Credit: Asahi Kasei Corporation

WGF™ Film-Based Wire Grid Polarizer

Image Credit: Asahi Kasei Corporation

Features of WGF

Reflective Polarization Film with Low Heat Absorption

It can be used for both transmission and reflection.

Low AOI Dependence

Even at a wide AOI, such as PBS, optical performance is stable.

Wide Effective Range from VIS to IR or More

The anti-reflection effect when used along with IR image sensors is employed in various industrial fields.

Excellent Reliability in High Temperature and Humidity Conditions

WGF could be used in situations where a traditional polarizer is not possible. It is popular in high brightness lighting or automotive use.

Flexible and Excellent Processability

Cutting into complex shapes, connecting to other materials and curved surface molding are all possible processing options. It can be provided as a processed product.

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