WGF™ IR Polarizing Camera Filter by Asahi Kasei

The WGFTM IR polarizing camera filter from Asahi Kasei has been specifically developed with WGFTM, the world’s first film-based wire grid polarizer. WGFTM displays a high polarization separation performance in an extensive range of wavelengths, not only VIS but IR or longer.

This camera filter could be utilized in the near-infrared rays, even while having a wavelength range that is more than 1,000 nm. It has demonstrated great success as an anti-reflection filter in several inspections and imaging fileds, including sorting machines, biometrics, Printed Circuit Board inspection, fundus/Retinal examination tools, machines, etc.

This filter can be comfortably fixed to the users’ camera as it is. By rotating a rotator frame, users can adjust the polarization axis in an easy and free manner.

WGFTM IR polarizing camera filter guarantees a solution for users’ applications.


  • Diameter: 40.5, 46, 52, 55, 58, 77 mm
  • Not coated
  • Can be used both in transmission and reflection
  • Extinction ratio*: 1500 : 1
  • Outstanding heat resistance to absorptive polarizers
  • Single Transmittance is around 40%

*Average value at 850-1800 nm

WGF™ IR Polarizing Camera Filter by AsahiKasei

Image Credit: Asahi Kasei Corporation

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