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Journal of Low Power Electronics: American Scientific Publishers Journal

Journal of Low Power Electronics: American Scientific Publishers Journal

The electronic systems that can operate with very low power are of great technological interest. The growing research activity in the field of low power electronics requires a forum for rapid dissemination of important results: Journal of Low Power Electronics (JOLPE) is that international forum which offers scientists and engineers timely, peer-reviewed research in this field.

RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to)

Broadly speaking all aspects of low-power electronics will be covered. The keywords include Low-power high performance electronic systems, optoelectronic and electromagnetic devices, low-power VLSI systems, wireless communications and signal processing, computer systems, portable communication and multimedia devices, architectures for low power devices and components, simulation of power electronic systems and estimation, theories for low-power electronics, analog/mixed-signal electronics, digital electronics, low-voltage analogs, RF devices and circuits, low-voltage high-speed CMOS and BiCMOS, power dissipation and energy recovery in CMOS circuits, low-power digital circuits and digital building blocks, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits, power reduction in processor pipelines, BUS encoding for low-power, low power analog devices and techniques, low-power analog-to-digital converters, low-power APS image sensing devices, design and analysis of low energy TFTs and FFs, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) for low-power DRAM circuits, dielectrics and metallization technology, impact of device design on system performance, leakage reduction, algorithmic transformations and caching, nano/microscale device fabrication, low-power motion analysis in videos, low-power audios, communications and telematics systems, wireless infrared detectors and sensors, low-power mapping for logics, power reduction through energy reuse, contact formation, rapid thermal processing, X-ray and ion-beam characterization, CAD tools for high level synthesis, parallel algorithms, low-power thin film transistors, low-power displays and light-emitting devices, microcavities, batteries, photovoltaic cells, full cells, synchronous rectifiers, microprocessors, transmitters, power conditioners, receivers, gate turn-off thyristors, shielding systems, decoders, parallel processors, transducers, imaging devices, resonators, modulators, detectors, cameras, sensors, printers, xerography, DRAMs, optical memory and data storage, magneto-optical recording devices, liquid crystal displays, harmonic resonators, electric vehicles, motor drives, mass rapid transit systems, power devices, disk drives, low-voltage power supplies, low-power X-ray and biomedical systems, converters, tools and techniques for power estimation and management, military and aerospace applications, space-based satellites, portable communication and multimedia devices, laptops, cell phones, pagers, palmtops, video recorders, pacemakers, portable instruments, neuroprosthetic devices, low power cryocoolers, low-power design and test, low-power medical devices, biomedical imaging, flat-panel displays, low-power signal processing and other low-power related applications, etc.

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