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SPECTRO xSORT Handheld Spectrometer

The new SPECTRO xSORT is a compact energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for the continuous, fatigue-free handheld analysis and sorting of metals.

It makes use of innovative efficient components for excitation and detection. Together with other top quality modules, they are the basis for the unique precision, speed and safety of this system.

Only with the SPECTRO xSORT is it possible to conduct laboratory-like results for up to 41 elements from Mg to Th in a single measuring cycle that lasts only 2 seconds.

Only 10 seconds are necessary for the sorting of various aluminum and magnesium alloys. During this process even the light elements, such as Al, Mg, Si and P are measured in air - without complicated additional techniques like helium flushing or vacuum, simplifying operation decidedly.

The instrument has a rechargeable battery and a robust housing. When not in use, it can be carried comfortably in the holster supplied with the system.

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