Tropel FlatMaster Multi-Surface Profiler from Corning Advanced Optics

Corning’s Tropel® FlatMaster® Multi-Surface Profiler (MSP) is a frequency stepping interferometer that offers quick and precision metrology for semiconductor wafers with a diameter of up to 300 mm.

Users can collect up to 3 million data points with sub-micron accuracy within seconds, thus allowing the characterization of total thickness and flatness across the whole surface.

The FlatMaster® MSP delivers robust metrology for applications ranging from complex components and assemblies to wafer metrology and transparent materials. The FlatMaster® MSP-DH has been designed to measure both the sides of an assembly or component concurrently, thus enabling measurements of parallelism and absolute thickness.

The capability to measure thickness, flatness, and thickness variation of 300 mm silicon and glass wafers is important for effective integration of 3DIC assemblies. Conventional contact probes or interferometry systems are very slow or do not have the essential precision for larger fields of view.

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