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Lambda 1050+ SpectraPrime: Advanced UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

A broad variety of sample types, including coatings, high-performance glass, solar, and advanced materials and components in both research and manufacture, can be analyzed using PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers, which are built to provide the best performance and versatility.

The LAMBDA 1050+ offers extreme performance, versatility, and simplicity that frequently matches or surpasses industry standards. The latest generation of LAMBDA 1050+ spectrophotometers are built to improve user productivity by providing quicker scan rates, instrument setup, and reaction times than ever before.


By allowing consumers to modify systems to meet their needs, the high-performance LAMBDA 1050+ delivers unparalleled versatility. Compared to any UV/Vis/NIR system on the market, the LAMBDA 1050+ offers the most practical and adaptable sampling method, from detector selection to accessories.

Better Sample Control

A variety of functions and accessories have been incorporated into the LAMBDA 1050+’s design to manage the sample and guarantee the accuracy of the results, including:

  • Largest sample chambers in the industry for easier sample movement and speedy accessory installation
  • Integrating spheres that snap in to collect diffuse and specular reflection. Available in 100- and 150- mm sizes, with an 8° reflectivity and the flexibility to center mount
  • The Universal Reflectance Accessory features twin Si and InGaAs detectors for automatic, accurate, and repeatable angle adjustments
  • Pol/Depol Drive Unit for PC-based polarized or depolarized light control
  • For high absorption measurements, internal instrument-controlled attenuation ranges from 1 to 0.1%

Smarter Flexibility

The clever modular design of the LAMBDA 1050+, along with a choice of snap-in attachments, allows users to configure the instrument to meet a wide range of demands and configurations, including:

  • Dual Sampling Compartment – The LAMBDA 1050+ can be customized with two large sample chambers for twice the versatility. Use one for typical reflectance or transmission testing and the other for more particular, customized applications.
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory – Unplug the standard detector and replace it with this smart device for automatically measuring sample angles.
  • Total Absolute Measurement System – With an upgradeable detector configuration, the Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS) delivers the maximum degree of flexibility and precision in measuring specular, diffuse transmission, and reflectance capabilities
  • General-Purpose Optical Bench – Larger samples, such as lenses, beamsplitters, and optics, can be accommodated by swapping in the GPOB.

Greater Productivity

  • Faster Results – With its high sensitivity, the new LAMBDA 1050+ can scan quicker than ever before while maintaining data quality up to 2.25 times faster Simple Scan and 40% faster Full Scan speeds than previous generations
  • Higher Sensitivity – Double mirrors provide an improved signal for increased sensitivity in precisely characterizing samples
  • Reduced Setup Time – The LAMBDA 1050+ is faster than ever, with the industry’s shortest instrument setup and sample setup times. It enables users to go places they have never been and get there as quickly as possible. In addition, they provide a standard validation kit for all LAMBDA spectrophotometers.


Utilize the LAMBDA 1050+UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer’s full potential with UV WinLab software, which was created to be user-friendly and capable of handling even the most challenging studies. The busy pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial, food, or academic laboratories in regulated settings that demand compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements are the target market for the Enhanced Security (ES) UV WinLab software.


Source: PerkinElmer

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21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Height 30 cm
Interface Tungsten-halogen and Deuterium
Maximum Temperature 35 °C
Minimum Temperature 15 °C
Model Name LAMBDA 1050+
Operating Range 175 - 3300 nm
Portable No
Product Brand Name LAMBDA
Research Areas Food & Agriculture
Warranty 1 year

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