In-Line 3D Optical Metrology System - HD9800+ from Bruker

Bruker’s HD9800+ 3D optical microscope is the most advanced optical profiler designed for in-line data storage slider metrology. This gauge-capable system uses white light interferometry (WLI), on-board self-calibration, patented dual illumination, dedicated data storage hardware and analysis software, and a range of other features to provide non-destructive, high-resolution, gage-capable measurements required for enhanced process quality and increased yield.

The HD9800+ combines advanced optical metrology technology with sophisticated automation to enable the best PTR and flatness metrology performance. Full automation for slider PTR (pole tip recession) and CCT (crown, camber and twist) characterization delivers the high-speed throughput required for HD process control.

Optional features for flexible production include advanced software analyses for extra functionality, bar code scanner for streamlined material and workflow handling, and light tower to highlight operational status to factory floor personnel.

Key Features

The main features of the HD9800+ are:

  • Fourth-generation, large-format surface profiling system
  • World leading GR&R performance for PTR and flatness metrology
  • Automated, non-contact 3D slider inspection and metrology
  • Rapid data acquisition and fast image processing
  • Vibration-tolerant design with integrated air isolation for production floor use
  • Self-calibration compensation for environmental variations
  • High-resolution camera option for ultimate in lateral resolution and precision
  • Patented tip/tilt head design for fast, automated metrology with highest repeatability
  • Dedicated data storage software and streamlined operator interface for operator-to-operator ease of use

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