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ARL OPTIM’X — WDXRF Spectrometer

Wavelength dispersive X-Ray fluorescence (WDXRF) is a very adaptable analytical method that can be used to do elemental analysis on liquids and solids. This method can carry out an extremely exact, precise, and trustworthy evaluation in a variety of samples of various elements, from uranium to beryllium.

Salient Features

Below is a list of the ARL OPTIM’X’s outstanding features:

  • Small footprint
  • Sequential study is enabled by exclusive compact SmartGonio
  • Multichromators permit fast analysis
  • Advanced WDXRF platform with concurrent and/or sequential proficiencies
  • Based on the configuration, it provides element coverage from uranium to fluorine
  • Sequential-simultaneous configuration mergers speed together with analytical flexibility
  • There is no need for a gas supply
  • The sample changer allows batches to be examined mechanically
  • The sample is introduced simply and directly
  • Offers improved intensity, which is as much as 210% more than conventional geometry, courtesy of its Innovative Ultra Closely Coupled Optics (UCCO) technology
  • Perfect configuration for specific applications with straightforward operation, which is compliant with ASTM and ISO standards
  • It is extremely precise and is repeatable in both the long term and short-term, courtesy of temperature regulation of crystals and the spectrometer
  • For both heavy elements and those with low atomic numbers, greater spectral resolution is presented (~15 eV at CaKα).
  • Independent and stand-alone operation which does not require water cooling

With the features listed below, the ARL OPTIM’X can be configured for flexibility and speed:

  • SmartGonio offers sequential analysis
  • Four multichromators allow as many as eight elements to be examined instantaneously
  • 2.5 times faster examination is allowed by the 50 W basic or 200 W optional power
  • Sequential-simultaneous examination. This means that SmartGonio and two elements can be analyzed simultaneously on a single multichromator


It is possible to configure the ARL OPTIM’X for particular applications, including:

  • Minor and major nutrients in the food industry, as well as other regulated elements
  • Metal sheets, silicon, ferroalloys, paper, paints, glass, and other products in which a few minor and major elements must be supervised
  • In raw materials like sand, limestone, bauxite, feldspar, magnesite, and other mining applications, as well as minor and major oxides
  • Petroleum business: The analysis of Pb (ASTM D5059), S (ISO 14596 or ASTM D2622), and other elements in oils, fuels, and gasoline
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Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Elemental Analyzers and Phase Analyzers

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