Bruker ContourSP – Metrology System for Large Panel PCB Production

Bruker's ContourSP metrology system is ideal for the semiconductor packaging industry. This gage-capable system, which is specifically designed to quantify each layer of the PCB panels during production, ensures minimum recipe development time highest yield, maximum uptime, highest yield and lowest cost per measured panel in production.

The ContourSP system includes a range of sophisticated features that deliver ultimate production performance, reliability, ease of use, and throughput for large format panel metrology.

Incorporating more than 10 years of packaging metrology expertise, the ContourSP significantly increases the measurement throughput of the high-density interconnect substrates over previous generation SP models.

Key Features

The main features of the ContourSP are:

  • Highest throughput: >2x faster than previous generation systems
  • Dynamic Signal Segmentation (DSS)
  • Remeasure function
  • Topography scanning to compensate for wafer bow
  • Easy coordinate file import, active ESD protection
  • Operator access control based on Vision64
  • Recipe portability for multi-tool and multi-factory deployment
  • High Resolution, unmatched accuracy
  • Simplified Interface, increased uptime

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