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Advanced WDXRF Spectrometer — ARL PERFORM’X

With its sophisticated platform, the Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometer can quickly and accurately analyze up to 90 elements in almost any solid or liquid sample.

The ARL PERFORM’X spectrometer provides the superior advantages of XRF analysis, like reproducibility, sensitivity, and simplicity of use, while also setting new benchmarks for efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability on a wide variety of sample types. It also has a revolutionary minimalistic size.

Metallurgy, petroleum, polymers, mining, glass, cement, and refractories are just a few of the tough industrial processes and quality applications in which the spectrometer can address composition problems.

Its efficiency and adaptability will also be useful in academic or research labs working in geochemistry, automobile engineering, materials science, environmental studies, and forensics.

Key Features

The salient features of the ARL PERFORM’X spectrometer are:


  • Equipped with mid power systems without external water chiller
  • Has a multiple position automated X-Y sample changer
  • Comes with a new goniometer design that offers a number of collimator and crystal options achieving the widest possible analysis range
  • It is possible to select viewed diameter in multiple increments from a large 35-mm area to small 0.5-mm spot
  • Has a number of beam filters wherein mean optimal analysis parameters can be chosen for every element
  • It is incorporated with unique UCCO technology (Ultra Closely Coupled Optics)
  • It has a choice of power levels up to 4200 W
  • It has a high peak-to-background ratio
  • It offers both long-term and short-term stability
  • It possesses a design optimized for reliability, maximum uptime and easy maintenance
  • Completely digital, frictionless goniometer ensures excellent lifetime angular accuracy
  • Security device for dust/liquid collection in case of sudden breakage of a pressed pellet/liquid cell during loading
  • Equipped with a dual sample loading system for high sample throughput
  • It can handle up to 60 samples per hour, unmanned
  • A dedicated loading position for urgent samples
  • An Ultra-thin X-Ray tube window for improving the sensitivity of light elements


The key advantages of ARL PERFORM’X over other analytical techniques are:

  • Speed of analysis
  • High steadiness and precision
  • Extensive dynamic range from ppm levels to 100%
  • Appropriate and fast sample preparation
  • Simple and rapid analysis of unknown samples through progressive standard-less analysis packages
  • Examination of the whole sample surface, a segment of it, or specific spots on the surface
ARL PERFORM'X WDXRF Spectrometer for Materials and Minerals Analysis | Thermo Scientific

Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Elemental Analyzers and Phase Analyzers

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