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Linear Variable and Order Sorting Filters from Omega Optical

Custom order-sorting filters from Omega Optical are designed to fulfill the needs of customers.

Key Features

  • Patterned filters
  • Linearly variable filters
  • Block filters
  • Absorbing filters

Patterned Filters

Patterned filters offer a series of multiple filters coated in a pattern on a single substrate. This enables optimal integration and miniaturization with image sensors and avoids the need for component assembly.

order-sorting filters

Linear Variable Filters

Linearly variable filters offer constant spectral variation in bandwidth or wavelength across one linear direction of the filter. These filters can be made in shortpass, longpass, or bandpass configurations, with spectral gradients of up to 50 nm/mm along the part’s length.

linear variable filters

Block Filters

Block filters offer a butcher-block array of numerous filters in a single group (refer to the image below). Miniature and complex arrays can be achieved, and these can be offered in filter wheels and circular mounting.

block filters

Absorbing Coatings

Absorbing coatings are specifically useful in decreasing signal interference and reflected light inside an optical system using order sorting. Using new high-index dielectric materials, Omega Optical is now developing advanced filters. The dielectric materials considerably reduce reflections and high absorption in the NIR and visible regions, and offer high absorption.

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