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Spectroradiometer with Dynamic Range and High Accuracy

The Rhea series spectroradiometer is a high-end instrument, with precise measurement capabilities integrated in a rugged jacket, that has been designed to provide easy operation. The Rhea series uses an advanced cooled CCD detector for high dynamic range and minimal noise. The neutral density filter wheel broadens this dynamic range and also includes a shutter function.

The Rhea spectroradiometer is a suitable device for measurements, where easy usage, performance, consistency, and price are of major importance. It provides an ideal solution for hassle-free incorporation into a customer’s process or product.

The Rhea series can almost handle the complete wavelength range from 200 to 1100 nm. Standard versions are available, but support is also provided by Admesy in the form of a wide range of gratings for specific applications.

The standard versions available are:

  • VIS spectrometers ranging from 360 to 830 nm
  • UV spectrometer with a range from 200 to 435 nm
  • UV-NIR version of 200 to 1100
  • Raman version with a range of 450 to 1100 nm

The Rhea series is offered in a number of optical systems; - a 1cm2 cosine corrector or 5, 10 or 20 mm collimating lens. In order to measure light sources, Admesy provides a range of integrating spheres, which can be linked via M8 fixed position fiber connections. This fixed position fiber connector has been created to link the optical fiber in a fixed and even manner, from calibration to end use. As a result of this fixed position measurement, the outcomes are much more stable.

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Key Features

  • A variety of regular spectral ranges such as UV, NIR, and VIS custom spectral options range from 200 to 1100
  • Extremely low stray light
  • Sturdy housing, improved for protection and mounting in tough production conditions
  • Cooled high-end CCD detector, cooled to -10°C
  • High optical throughput design
  • Neutral density filter wheel for vast dynamic range
  • Auto-range operation
  • Wavelength calibrated
  • Superior linearity, internally compensated within 1%
  • Dark current compensated, virtually zero over total integration range
  • All calculations are handled within the device, reducing processing power in production environments
  • SCPI command set, USBTMC compliant, high speed device
  • USB, RS232, Ethernet connections and trigger in and out for suitable system integration
Rhea Spectrometer uncovered

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