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Imaging Spectrographs for Low-Light Applications - Shamrock Series

Andor’s Shamrock spectrograph range offer highly modular motorized platforms with dual output ports, dual/triple grating turret and wide range of motorized and field upgradable accessories. These research-grade instruments are designed to maximize photon collection in low-light applications, but are also suitable for less demanding routine measurements.

The Shamrock spectrographs can be easily combined with Andor’s range of electron-multiplying CCDs, CCDs, intensified CCDs, single point detectors, and InGaAs cameras to provide flexible, yet ultra-sensitive sensitive modular detection solution.

The Shamrock 193i is the latest addition to Andor’s spectrograph portfolio. It is a compact imaging Czerny-Turner spectrograph with Active Focus technology, ideal for lower spectral resolution applications including micro-fluorescence spectroscopy.

The Shamrock 303i is a workhorse platform for higher resolution broadband UV-VIS-SWIR spectroscopy, including (micro-) Raman spectroscopy or higher resolution luminescence. The Shamrock 500i and 750 models offer the highest spectral resolution and excellent sensitivity, ideal for plasma spectroscopy.

Key Features

The main features of the Shamrock spectrograph series include:

  • Highly configurable platforms - Extensive range of multi-input & output, motorized Czerny-Turner spectrographs with seamlessly interchangeable and configurable accessories Dual detector outputs
  • Dual detector outputs - Extended wavelength coverage when combining Andor’s UV-Visible-NIR CCD/EMCCD/ICCD and InGaAs cameras.
  • Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detection systems - Individually factory-calibrated spectrograph and detector(s) systems – out-of-the-box operation and seamless integration to experimental set-ups
  • Seamlessly configurable spectrograph-microscope interfaces – inc. fibre optics, direct C-mount, ‘cage’ system or enclosed optical relay. Dedicated interfaces to a wide range of Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss & Leica upright and inverted microscopes.
  • Image astigmatism correction - toroidal optics-based design with multi-track capabilities
  • Silver-protected coated optics option - Most efficient for Near-Infrared detection when used in conjunction with Andor iDus NIR CCD and InGaAs cameras

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