Bruker’s Contour Elite 3D Optical Microscopes

Bruker have developed the Contour Elite™ 3D optical microscope range which integrate the ContourGT® platform’s metrology and Vision64® analysis software with high fidelity imaging capabilities.

The optical microscopes provide excellent precision and repeatability and deliver ultra-fast operation required for high-end research and development and production applications. The systems provide display and imaging features that are often associated with confocal microscopy.

Featuring optimal instrument designs and sophisticated engineering, the 3D optical technology provides high quality control.

The Contour Elite systems integrate rigorous metrology and excellent data analysis in a single 3D microscope platform.

Quantitative, Repeatable, Surface Data for Informed R&D and QA/QC Decisions

Bruker’s Contour Elite solutions are an advancement of the company's ContourGT platform that has rugged and gauge-capable metrology. Stable hardware design ensures high vibration tolerance for improved measurement repeatability and reliability, even in noisy production settings.

Lateral and Vertical Resolution in a 3D Optical Microscope

The Contour Elite microscopes combine vertical and lateral resolution over the largest field of view, with a sub- nanometer higher than 10mm vertical range.

The instruments feature the R&D 100 Award-winning AcuityXR® measurement technology that offers excellent lateral resolution in an industrial 3D optical microscope and also reduces blur induced by optical elements.

For narrow features, the AcuityXR® helps in measuring edge differences and allows process control even on the smallest structures.

The Contour Elite systems can use a megapixel camera that boosts X-Y spatial resolution. The capability for accurate stitching allows users to generate innumerable datasets into a single adjacent image.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface for Simplified Characterization and Analysis

The intuitive user interface in the Contour Elite systems improves user efficiency and helps simplify analyses and measurements. The fully featured 3D surface metrology platforms are also easy to use.

The Vision64 Measurement Setup window contains a “pull-down” menu to choose measurement type and magnification. Using the latest Easy Measure tab’s single-button wizard, even beginners can acquire quality data within a matter of seconds.

The Contour Elite microscopes are non-contact systems that provide industry-proven functionality through a range of analysis routines. With the click of a button, the Data Analysis window allows access to common plot objects.

With the help of these microscopes, plots can be customized, text and graphics can be added, and reports can be generated easily. Data parameter tables can be fully configured and sorted within seconds.

True Color Imaging, Color Segmentation, and Metrology Seamlessly Combined

Precise metrology data and clear surface images provide complete surface characterization details. The inclusion of color imaging and high-fidelity grayscale, with unique side illumination and sophisticated algorithms, gives users access to more perspectives that are otherwise not possible on systems that offer only metrology.

Color and Grayscale Imaging to Reveal Previously Hidden Microscopic Details

The high-fidelity imaging Contour Elite systems exposes specific surface details that would be too difficult to view. This capability allows users to separate data based on grayscale or color information to quickly choose the preferred areas and acquire key metrology data from these specific regions.

Rapid, Non-Destructive Imaging with the Fastest Time to Data

Built on 30 years of proprietary Wyko® white light interferometric (WLI) software and hardware technology innovation, the Contour Elite offers high surface characterization and redefines Contour capabilities to new levels of functionality by combining patent-pending illumination design, high-fidelity imaging, 3D optical metrology technology, and proprietary software algorithms for analysis, data processing, and visualization.

Bruker’s patented WLI technology obtains height information with sub-nanometer accuracy which is independent of the magnification utilized. When users are sampling over a million data points in a millimeters-squared image area, they can acquire high-resolution height data, all in a matter of seconds. Contour Elite is equipped with large stages, which help ensure that parts/samples are not damaged.

Automation scripting function in the Contour Elite systems has been designed to leverage fast data acquisition. The X-Y scatter automation can be easily programmed and enables quick and easy measurement on samples with unevenly spaced areas of interest.

For further specialized applications, scripts can be easily set up and saved as recipes for use on demand. In addition, a range of sample traversal patterns and automation routines are provided so that users can easily customize the systems according to their specific application needs.

Most Advanced, Production-Ready Automation

In order to further improve these capabilities for production, an Advanced Production Interface (optional) adapts the Contour Elite microscopes to production environments or automated processes, offering tools to automate mapping, customize process workflows and load measurement recipes.

In addition, password-protected entries and software prompts prevent human error and support rugged and precise measurement performance from one operator to another.

Flexible Staging and Fixturing to Fit Your Application

The Contour Elite systems come with an automated 150mm (6”) stage or a 300mm (12”) stage. In case of cylindrical samples, an option is available for a roller stage that can be utilized to turn the parts to obtain surface data, either using cylindrical stitching or at specific sites.

A tip/tilt cradle only angles the optics and not the sample. This way, the sample remains in focus and stays within the measurement field of view. A motorized turret (optional) is also provided which is capable of housing up to five objectives, with magnification spanning from 0.5X to 230X.

More capabilities and customization are available via optional software packages, such as automated MATLAB scripting, SureVision, and Optical Analysis. Contour Elite enables users to select the optimal surface characterization solution, regardless of applications.

Types of Contour Elite™ 3D Optical Microscopes

  • Contour Elite I
  • Contour Elite K
  • Contour Elite X

Key Features

The main features of the Contour Elite I include:

  • Automated tip/tilt in head
  • Automated stitching
  • Accelerated scan speed with standard camera
  • Fully automated benchtop design with integrated air isolation
  • 150mm (6 in.) automated XY sample stage

The main features of the Contour Elite K include:

  • Manual tip/tilt in stage
  • High-stability, benchtop vibration-tolerant design
  • Automated or manual or stitching
  • High scan speed with standard camera
  • 150mm (6”) manual or optional motorized XY sample stage

The main features of the Contour Elite X include:

  • Automated, computer-controlled tip/tilt in head
  • Super scan speed for high speed scans with standard camera
  • Comprehensive stitching, scatter, and grid automation
  • Fully automated, integral vibration-isolation floor-mount design
  • 300mm (12”) automated XY sample stage
  • Streamlined workflow, customizable production interface
  • Optional self-calibrating metrology-optimizing laser reference

General Features

The general features of the Contour Elite™ 3D optical microscopes include:

  • Automated functions
  • AcuityXR® measurement technology
  • Extensive user customization features
  • Intuitive visual workflow
  • Highly accurate measurement capabilities
  • High-fidelity imaging improves measurement data
  • Color and grayscale imaging reveals formerly hidden microscopic details
  • Quantitative, repeatable surface data for informed research and development decisions
  • True color imaging, color segmentation, and metrology are seamlessly integrated
  • Faster solutions to intricate research and production challenges
  • Combined ontourGT® platform’s metrology and Vision64® analysis software
  • Finest available combined lateral and vertical resolution of any 3D optical microscope
  • Fast, non-destructive imaging with the fastest time to data
  • Sophisticated production-ready automation
  • Flexible staging and fixturing to suit specific applications
  • User-friendly interface for simplified characterization and analysis
  • Simple and intuitive operation for ease of use

Bruker’s Contour Elite 3D Optical Microscopes

Outstanding 3D Optical Metrology or High-Resolution Imaging?
3D color image of paper showing fibers and ink dots.
Top: Measurement results of an electronic material surface showing the 3D height map overlaid with the grayscale image. Bottom: Profile of cursor placed on the image surface with a single plot.
Quick Measure
3D height map of a printed circuit board (PCB) with color image overlay
Live view of defocused surface of a metallic cylinder (left) with a traditional interferometry profiler. Clear through-focus image (right) measured with Contour Elite using the enhanced imaging function.
Color Image Masking Tools
3D height map of Cu plating for the redistribution layer (RDL) used in semiconductor IC packaging.
Measured surface of stamped metal showing 3D height map with color image overlay.
Metal cylinder color-coded height map
Through-focus grayscale image.

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