Radiant Exhibits Online Demos of Display Test & Measurement Solutions

Radiant Vision Systems, the leading provider of automated visual inspection for displays and display devices, announces that it will exhibit solutions for test & measurement as part of the first fully virtual Display Week 2020 conference and exhibition. From its virtual booth, Radiant will host several online demonstrations of high-resolution photometric imaging systems, software, and specialized lenses used to evaluate displays in the latest smart devices, automotive integrations, augmented & virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets, and other devices. The Display Week virtual exhibit and technical program will take place Monday through Friday, August 3-7, 2020, from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (PDT) daily.

Organized by the Society for Information Display (SID), Display Week is the leading international event for electronic display innovation. A Gold Corporate Member of SID and this year’s Emerald Sponsor of Display Week, Radiant Vision Systems is dedicated to meeting manufacturing objectives for quality held by leading display makers worldwide. Radiant engineers scientific, image-based metrology systems that measure light and color using tristimulus optical filters that simulate the human photopic response (based on CIE color-matching functions). This response provides an extremely accurate and relevant measure of a display’s quality, with objective data that can be used to characterize displays in design and actively pass/fail display components during production. Because they are image-based, Radiant’s measurement systems offer efficiency for automated visual inspection, enabling high-throughput quality control applications not possible with spot-based measurement devices such as spectrometers.

Radiant brings over twenty-five years of experience to the development of image-based measurement solutions and software to the display industry. This year, Radiant has expanded its line of ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers with higher-resolution sensor options (to 43 megapixels), fortifying its toolset for measuring pixel-level values in emissive displays. Radiant has also improved test functions for virtual images like those projected by head-up displays (HUD) and augmented reality (AR) headsets.

The Radiant virtual booth will feature a number of educational resources on the benefits of image-based metrology systems for light and color, as well as video demonstrations of new display test systems. Each product demo will address a specific segment of the display market:

OLED and MicroLED Displays: Radiant applies its ProMetric imaging systems in OLED and microLED display testing and production to measure brightness and color uniformity at the pixel and subpixel level, as well as correct poorly performing pixels. From its virtual exhibit, Radiant will demonstrate correction methods for emissive displays (a process known as demura or pixel uniformity correction) using its high-resolution imaging systems and proprietary software methods. The newly released ProMetric Y43 (43-megapixel) imaging photometer (honoree of the recent Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards) as well as optional Microscope Lens are important components in the manufacturing processes for emissive displays, helping to improve device quality for commercialization.

At the concurrent Display Week Symposium, Chief Executive Officer at Radiant, Doug Kreysar, will also present a new, patented method for emissive display measurement. Attendees of the Symposium can watch this technical presentation (Session 71.1) online, Thursday, August 6.

Augmented and Virtual Reality: The quality of displays within AR/VR headsets is determined by the holistic visual experience, which is the product of display quality, optical design, and the viewing conditions of the wearer. At Display Week, Radiant will showcase its award-winning AR/VR Lens solution, demonstrating how a front-located aperture enables display testing under the same conditions as the display is seen by the user through the headset, capturing up to a 120-degree horizontal field of view. The AR/VR Lens is an integrated camera, lens, and software (TT-ARVR™) solution that enables seamless integration production-level testing.

Automotive Displays and Illuminated Components: In addition to solutions for automotive center stack and dashboards displays, Radiant will demonstrate its capabilities for an array of light-emitting systems in the vehicle. A virtual demo of Radiant’s HUD test solution will show the company’s ProMetric imaging system and TT-HUD™ software module using an electronic lens to dynamically locate projected virtual images on an infinite plane—this simplifies AR HUD testing for variable-distance projections. Radiant will also debut its new VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) software, which combines light and color measurement with machine vision defect detection for evaluating the quality of backlit icons, shapes, and symbols.

The Display Week 2020 virtual exhibit is free to attend and can be joined, virtually, from anywhere in the world. Visit www.displayweek.org to register, and learn more about Radiant Vision Systems by visiting the company’s virtual booth at Display Week 2020 or online at www.RadiantVisionSystems.com.

Source: https://www.radiantvisionsystems.com/


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