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Q Source Introduces Next-Generation Mantis Stereo Microscopes from Vision Engineering

Q Source, a provider of custom solutions for the Bio-Medical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries, is excited to announce the addition of the next-generation Mantis Stereo Microscopes from Vision Engineering to its product lineup. These award-winning microscopes redefine operator comfort and 3D imaging capabilities, setting new standards for performance and precision in the field.

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The next-generation Mantis Stereo Microscopes are designed to deliver unparalleled visual clarity and ergonomic excellence. With a focus on operator well-being and image quality, these microscopes provide an exceptional viewing experience that enables professionals to see more and do more than ever before. Unlike traditional binocular microscopes, the Mantis Stereo Microscopes boast an eyepiece-less design, ensuring stress-free and comfortable viewing.

“Vision Engineering has a longstanding reputation for innovation and excellence in microscopy,” said Steve Quail, Business Development Manager, at Q Source. “These microscopes are a game-changer for professionals who demand top-tier performance, ergonomic comfort, and exceptional image quality. With the Mantis microscopes, users can expect a new level of precision and clarity in their observations and manipulations.”

Key Features of the Mantis Stereo Microscopes:

  • Superior Image Quality: Vision Engineering's advanced technology provides a high-resolution, high-contrast optical stereo image that captures even the smallest details with exceptional clarity.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: The eyepiece-less design of the Mantis microscopes reduces eye strain and fatigue, enabling longer and more productive work sessions.
  • Dynamic View Optics: This innovative feature offers a stereo view that adjusts as the user moves their head, providing a dynamic and informative perspective.
  • High-Performance Digital Imaging: The microscopes come equipped with digital imaging capabilities that allow real-time image sharing, improving communication and reporting.
  • Diverse Illumination Modes: Five illumination modes offer enhanced 3D illumination, inspection of coatings and fluorescing agents, and contrast-enhancing illumination for low-contrast subjects.
  • Ergonomic Benefits: Extended pupil eyepiece-less technology enhances eye comfort, while the ergonomic design promotes natural movement and improved hand-eye coordination.

For more than 40 years, Q Source has been a distribution leader for a wide range of commercial industrial products used across multiple industries.


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